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While working on this story with PARI, I came to realise that people’s problems are never simply personal or isolated, but are in fact deeply connected to the rest of society.

Parveen KumarJamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

It was interesting to be able to share my thakuma’s work and its link to nature and my surroundings.

Sastika MalikKheadaha High School, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

In my attempt to write sensitively about Jaya and Laxmi, I understood how critical attention to detail is while recording and writing; this is what makes each PARI story what it is.

Aditi DindorkarAshoka University, Sonepat

It was a challenge to write Niyaz’s story as the family had erased many of the painful memories and [I wanted] to tread sensitively. The editorial process made me appreciate the minute details that go into the journalistic process. I learnt how to approach stories of people who have disabilities, with dignity.

Vandana BansalVivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi

Before interning with PARI, I used to think that for writing a good story, one just needed a bit of imagination. After meeting Mora Devi I realised… there is [also] some kind of struggle hidden in their life. I learnt that one has to spend time getting to know people before they will share their story.

Simpal KumariSajhe Sapne, Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh

I wanted to bring out the condition of landless agricultural workers in our country. Reporting for PARI Education made me realise how complex our system is and what actually constitutes the journalism of rural India.

Aryan PandeyHindu College, Delhi

I cross these workers often all over the city and I was curious about their lives. Working with PARI, I learnt the importance of not speaking for them, instead making sure that they are heard.

Amaaya BhalotraO.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat

While working on this story with PARI Education I realised how little I knew about the people in my village. I understood that the history of a community stays alive in its anecdotes and stories… Writing this story not only allowed me to learn about displaced people but also gave me the opportunity to understand their struggles and pains.

Prakash ChandNanakmatta Public School, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand

I found Bina Devi’s fearlessness very inspiring – it’s the kind of fearlessness that women in politics show. Despite being a widow, she did not allow anyone to brush her aside. She went ahead and changed her life and that of her children. I respect her and women like her.

Jyoti KumariSajhe Sapne, Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh

This project with PARI helped me deepen my understanding of small-scale industries and the troubles that people with these occupations faced during the pandemic. My attempt at documenting Ajitha’s story made me appreciate journalists a lot more for accomplishing such a complex task so efficiently.

Dawn PhillipSt. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

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