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We are taught that journalism is about finding the facts - and it is - but it's also about knowing people rather than only finding information for the story. This was an enriching experience in trying to understand life from another person's perspective.

Shristi MurliSt. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

We thought our engagement with PARI would only teach us journalistic writing, but we learned a lot more, especially how to bring out the voices of people in-focus.

Rutuja GaidhaniSt. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

Working with PARI Education, I realised that stories we often overlook have a great number of details and complexities in them.

Joe Paul C.S.English & Foreign Languages University, Shillong, Meghalaya

Working with PARI Education made me realise how little I question what I see around me, and how important it is to change that. Every visit I made to the bakery for [my] story was an exercise in sensitive communication, observation and critical thinking.

Zara DiasSt. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

Reporting this piece made me more conscious about the role of farmers in festivals and the importance of paddy in Chhattisgarh and neighbouring states. Working with PARI Education I got a new perspective of the society in which I live.

Prajjwal ThakurDelhi Public School, Risali, Bhilai

Reporting this story for PARI showed me that the voices of people are powerful. I learned the importance of listening and being more aware of what is happening in my immediate surroundings. I realized that writing a good story means doing research and asking better, more specific questions.

Priyal SethiAshoka University, Sonepat

Before interning with PARI, I thought one only needs a vast imagination to write a good story… I learned that impactful stories come from the words of people who live them. I also discovered my own strengths – I am able to observe, converse, articulate and tell a story. I understood how to do field work and interview people.

Reetu YadavSajhe Sapne, Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh

I was able to enjoy and appreciate my own surroundings as well as value my fathers work. I also got an opportunity to learn new skills.

Rupsa MondolKheadaha High School, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

I wanted to better understand the discrimination that women with disabilities face. I also [wanted to] learn about their caregivers – often their mothers or a female member of the family. Working with PARI Education helped me understand how to write their stories sensitively.

Sanviti IyerFLAME University, Pune, Maharashtra

Thank you for the fantastic and informative Zoom meeting that you conducted for the NCBS crowd. It allowed us to learn about outreach activities and opportunities around us, as well as to understand some of the challenges faced by NGOs like PARI. It served as a reminder and also an open call for young researchers to spread knowledge in places where it is required the most.

J. Joe Anand KumarNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru

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