Click on the arrows to see posters hand drawn by students

Editor's note

Middle and high school students in Odisha’s Jajapur district were inspired to create this artwork based on Learning lessons from an un-amputated spirit - a story by Shraddha Agarwal published on PARI in December 2020. Using colour pencils, and chart paper, they made posters with drawings and a short summary of the story.

This was part of a month-long initiative to learn about women. Students whose art has been featured here are: Simarani Purty, Bijay Purty, Padmini Lamay, Sunita Jamuda, Subham Sahoo, Radhika Vaik, Smitarani Padhan, Rajkishan Panda, Subhashree Kabi, Babuni Naik, Swati Sahoo, Priti Sahoo, Maheswara Dalei, Chinmaya Barik, Priya Sahoo, Karishma Mohanti, Sonali Nayak and Janaki Munda.