In order for your work to be eligible for publishing in this section:

Use original PARI content: you can undertake a creative interpretation of any content carried on PARI, PARI Education and / or in our Library section. Along with your creative submission, you must mention the original piece in your submission and tell us why you chose it / what inspired your art form.

Submit designs, photographs, video footage and music that are original: we will not be able to use any creative work that has been copied or has used copyright material.

Format for art and comics submissions: We can use a PDF or JPEG format and / or a link to the material in google drive. Please mention your full Name, Grade / Class and School / Institution.

Format for film submissions: The video​s you send to PARI ​Education should ​ideally ​be in mp4 format. Send us a no-text version of your film. Do not add subtitles, titles, credits or any other superimposed text. Instead, send us a Word document with the text you want to add. Ensure it contains subtitles, translated into English wherever required.

The file that you send us should be in the following format (the text below is only an example):

00:00:15,520 –> 00:00:20,380
My name is Ramchandra Sripati Lad

00:00:20,380 –> 00:00:25,000
I was known to everyone as ‘Captain Bhau’

00:00:28,140 –> 00:00:32,540
We were [very active] during the Quit India movement of 1942

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